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Hobbyka needs to purchase some products, materials and services to ensure the production and operation of the company. We are looking for reliable permanent partners for delivery of products and rendering services.

The main requirements for the potential partners:

Legal entity - VAT payer Registration period of the legal entity is over half a year.Only non-cash payments Ability and possibility to supply products regularly (one-time sales will not be considered)Compliance of the products and services with GOST, SNiP etc. Necessary certificates shall be availableA full package of the incorporation documents shall be submitted for concluding an agreement.
If you meet these requirements you can become our partner. Just send a commercial proposal at the e-mail address of the relevant department. 
Please note that your proposal may be denied or ignored if our company is not satisfied with the conditions in the commercial proposal. Please be careful when drawing up the commercial proposal and try to offer the best conditions for cooperation.
The proposals will be considered within 20 days.

The commercial proposal shall by all means specify:

Company description, years on the market Company location Service or product description Price for product or service Company details (TIN, OGRN)


Scrap cast-ironVladimirvladimir@hobbyka.ru
Scrap aluminum Vladimirvladimir@hobbyka.ru
Waste glass molds from GGVladimirvladimir@hobbyka.ru
Dry quartz sand 1K 015Vladimirvladimir@hobbyka.ru
Graphite Crucible TG 750Vladimirvladimir@hobbyka.ru
Wide range of rolled-metal products (strip, rolled section, pipe, square, circle, rod, sheet metal etc.) td>Elektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Wide range of converted lumber (edged and unedged board, timber. Pine, fur tree and larch)Izhevskdrevceh@hobbyka.ru
Packing cardboard (size of boxes requested by the Customer)Moscow, Elektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Wide range of office suppliesMoscowzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Packaging materials (adhesive tape, stretch film etc.)Moscow Elektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Wide range of fittings, metalware Moscow Elektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Powder paintMoscow Elektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Wide range of expendables for electric and pneumotools (drill bit, grinding belts and sponges etc.)Moscow Elektrostaldrevceh@hobbyka.ru
Repair of electric equipment and pneumotools Moscow Elektrostaldrevceh@hobbyka.ru
Carbon dioxide, argon and other industrial gases in cylindersElektrostaldrevceh@hobbyka.ru
Garbage container leasing and waste disposal Elektrostal drevceh@hobbyka.ru
Laser cutting of sheet metalElektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Weather-proof paint materialMoscow Elektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Fire- and bio-proofing agents and impregnations for the wood Moscow Elektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru
Rolled stainless steel (food-grade) from 2 mm + passages, fittings and other componentsMoscow Elektrostalzakupka@hobbyka.ru