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Composite materials

Appearance of WPC or a composite which is a perfect building material additionally stimulates the present-day market and makes it capable of meeting the growing demand for high-quality products in full. This starting material has manifested its ideal suitability for manufacture of a great variety of products thus successfully substituting natural wood. We found applications of the composites in our manufacture of outdoor furniture and hardscape elements: since 2014 we have launched a batch production of composite bench seats and other items of park and garden outdoor furniture. What does a composite mean and what properties it shows? A wood polymer composite (WPC) or simply a composite is the best material for use in "unusual" conditions: in open air, under permanent influence of moisture, under temperature difference etc. Due to up-to-date processes, this starting material collected all remarkable properties of natural wood and state-of-the-art polymers. Easy workability, environment-friendly and excellent thermal insulating properties of a natural wood are typical of WPC materials which are supplemented by such remarkable attributes as high wear-and tear resistance and long service life. Today this is the most usable building material which needs no too great service expenses. In addition to characteristics of wood, properties of composite materials are multiple and beneficial for civil engineering industry. WPC features: - the material is resistant to UV; it does not sunburn or get corrugated; thermal stability is retained in the –50° +70° С range; - it does not give off or soak moisture; when the material is wet, shape and texture are not affected and in winter the material is not covered with ice and demonstrates resistance to sea water; - the material is shock-proof and highly resistant to physical damage; 1 m2 of the material may endure load of up to 500 kg; - the material is corrosion-resistant; rot, fungi and bacteria proof and does not attract insects; - it is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing; - the material does not require primary and post-treatment, supplemental impregnation or painting for the whole service life; - the material is environment friendly and does not cause any harm to environment; - the material retains properties for up to 50 years and it is durable, strong, wear-and-tear proof, and aesthetic; - it has an attractive surface, comes in varieties of color and has perfect texture for working; - it is easy to take care of the material which may be cleaned by a water jet or by the use of conventional detergents; - the material is easy to install and takes any shape in manufacture. In other words, WPC is indispensable where a strong, water-proof, beautiful and environment-friendly material is sought after. Outdoor furniture, hardscape elements and composite bench seats comprise up-to-date approaches in cityscape and beautification of private areas. By the use of WPC structures you beautify landscape and solve scenic landscape problems not to be addressed for many years. Composite materials are of high vandal resistance and in combination with aluminum supports the furniture becomes eternal and maintenance-free for over 25 years. The line of our products is extended due to the INTEGRAL outdoor furniture comprising a unique project and implementation of most creative design ideas. Now we have to stress the cost of composites which is also an aspect of importance. The cost of WPC outdoor furniture and hardscape elements insignificantly higher than the cost of products made of natural wood. However, wood elements require extra treatment and protection expenditures which is to be done every few years. In addition, time and resources are needed to keep appropriate outward appearance of products. Therefore, the cost of composite bench seats and other urban hardscape elements is justifiable due to their advantages. So, the choice of the products is practicable and economically feasible in area landscaping.

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