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Art iron castings

According to history, the art casting handicraft has been known since ancient times. First, various household castings such as oven doors and plates. As craftsmen improved their art, they used cast iron for production of outdoor furniture and hardscape elements, and today it is the most promising artistic handicraft.

Through many years, famous traditions of casting have turned into a remarkable art. Meanwhile, casting techniques have been constantly improved and developed by virtue of collective effort. In particular, the Russian casting handicraft became famous by mid XIX century when art casting from pig iron has become an individual branch of ornamental art. High demand for domestic art castings gave rise to a public recognition of cast iron products both in Russia and at international exhibitions and foreign markets. Now, domestic products from cast iron are also highly appreciated and their perfect features conquer the hearts of users.

Cast iron looks unattractive – but in fact it is easily workable material which is ideal for landscape design. This is one of the strongest and long-lasting materials widely used now as a building material for production of urban equipment and hardscape elements. We can state that for example, a garden bench seat with cast iron base will last for many years without any adverse effect on the original outward appearance.

When compared to other materials cast iron is characterized by good casting properties, high durability and wear resistance, low cost and usable features. In addition to these advantages, cast iron has good corrosion resistance. It is rain-proof, frost-proof, and vandal-resistant which makes it a proper material for manufacture of street and garden furniture.

Our major business is production of iron castings including bench seats, lamp posts; steel lighting fixtures, etc.
We manufacture art castings from gray iron with soft graphite, ideal for fabrication of high-quality wear resistant products. We produce art castings in our own works located in Vladimir, and we can perform an outgoing inspection and promptly address consumer demand.

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