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Bench care, service and storage

Care, service and storage

Hobbyka is an all-weather furniture manufacturer.
The Company produces furniture that can be used any time of the year. You do not need to worry about your benches and other products, as they are intended for use in public places under any weather conditions. To produce the furniture the Hobbyka Company uses resinous wood that is resistant to weather conditions and rotting. All wooden materials are subject to bio fire-retardant processing, tinting and are covered with several layers of a special lacquer, which guarantees additional reliability and strength. The service life can also be increased by timely furniture care.

Strength and reliability.
The contemporary and in many ways unique manufacture technologies guarantee the wood strength and structure robustness. The used strainers (special clamps) behind the back of a bench and under the seat prevent from loosening and increase the stability. The form and design of the rests used in the benches are carefully planned and created with the consideration to the balance of reliability, strength and attractive appearance. A long-term factory operation experience ensures the quality manufacture. Managed by the specialists and the Company-developing departments Hobbyka keeps designing the newer and more advanced furniture recognizing the customers’ opinions. In average the benches are capable to carry the load of over 500 kg. The iron-cast benches tests have demonstrated its capability to carry the load of over 1.5 tons – unprecedented values!

Ways to keep the benches in perfect condition.
Sometimes benches require care. We will tell you about the operation rules and the ways to keep the furniture in perfect condition. In case of dirt accumulation the seats can be treated with high pressure water, or soap solution with a cloth or a sponge. The surface can be dried upon cleaning. When the time comes to treat the wood, clean it, polish, if needed cover with tint coating and marine-grade, matt lacquer.

The use of solvents, acetones and other substances, which can lead to the paint work damage is highly unadvised.

It is not recommended to climb on the product with your feet, sit on the armrests or the back of the bench. To avoid accidents and the furniture damage do not jump on the benches.

Our furniture always looks elegant and attracts attention if you take care of the surrounding territories and empty the litterbins around the resting areas. Cleanliness and comfort created around the resting areas attract neat and respectable people. For the places with high traffic we recommend to order the furniture with a high anti-vandal coefficient. Please ensure the benches to be used only for the intended purposes and protect them from misuse; they need love!

You can purchase materials for bench servicing and renewal. Please contact our managers for details.

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