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About the mattresses for the garden, park and country house street benches

We’d like to present to you the 2014latest product. The mattresses for the garden, park and country house street benches. We were the first to develop and start the manufacture of mattresses for this type of street furniture at our own garment factory.  These mattresses will appeal to not just the country houses owners, but also coffee shops, bars and veranda restaurants owners.
The mattresses are made of durable luxury upholstery velour. The upholstery fabric Velvet-LUX is used in the finishing of the modern expensive lounge furniture. The fabric has a unique texture and high operation characteristics. A very soft feel, durable and wear-resistant material visually resembles velvet.
The mattress filler consists of the combined close and soft materials with high-quality holofiber.  Holofiber, a synthetic fiber, is not subject to creasing so your mattress keeps its initial form for many years. The combined material ensures the mattress airiness, at the same time remaining fairly elastic and close, which provides for a special comfort as if you are resting in a soft chair.
The buttons used in the mattress manufacture are produced and sewn by hand making the mattresses more attractive.
You can be confident about the quality of the purchased product: every mattress is thoroughly checked.
Eco friendliness.
All materials used to produce the mattresses are certified and hypoallergenic to not cause any reaction even from the most allergic of individuals.
Fabric care:
Ensure the long-lasting service of your furniture with the right care. The velour upholstery needs to be cleaned with a special microfiber cloth (or cotton cloth) pre-damped in a mild soap solution. The dust can be easily removed with a soft brush for delicate fabrics.  The severe dirt on the fabric can be treated with the velour furniture cleaning solution. Do not apply extra force when cleaning to avoid damaging the pile structure of the velour. If you cannot manage the dirt refer to the dry cleaning service.

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