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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell manufacturer of your goods?
The products you may see are manufactured in Hobbyka Factory (Russia).
How long does it take to manufacture products and what governs the time of production?
Time of manufacture depends on the quantity of products, work load and season of a year. The minimum time of delivery is 24 hours. On average manufacture takes 3 to 14 days.
Which is a delivery cost?
This information is available in the «Delivery» heading.
Which time the goods may be delivered?
They are delivered to the deadline discussed with a manager, usually, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Where I can pick up my goods?
You may pick it up in the shop, storage, our retail outlets or a regional warehouse. You may download the map in the «Contacts» heading. You are to discuss time of your visit in advance.
Can products be delivered to a private individual in any other region and how to pay for delivery?
Yes, they may be transported. Payment shall be made as follows: you will place an order (discuss the quantity and model with the manager), and we shall issue an invoice. You will pay in any division of a commercial bank or SAVINGS BANK (SBERBANK). As soon as the goods are available, we shall forward it by contracting a carrier. You will pay the carrier against delivery of the goods.
Do you deliver products to regions?
Yes. Products are delivered to region by haulage contractors of which services are paid by the purchaser on freight delivery. You may find our cost of delivery to a terminal of the haulage contractor in the "Delivery" heading.
To deliver ordered products to my region, a contract carrier needs to know volume and weight of the freight. How I may get this information?
There are a few options: · Find volume and weight in the catalogue against the product stated. You may add the values obtained and make calculations. · Also, you may call to the manager or send an e-mail message and the manager will make all calculations needed.
Are assembly works included in the cost of bench seats?
Bench seats are delivered knocked down and assembly works are not included in their cost.
Do you provide assembly manuals for bench seats and tables?
Assembly manuals are attached to each product. If for any reason you do not find it, you may download the manual from our website.
How much does assembly cost?
This is an extra service and it is paid separately. The assembly cost reaches 10% of the product price.
May I assemble a bench seat or a refectory table myself and which tools are needed for it?
Yes, you may. Assembly does not require special skills. To assemble, you may need spanners and a screw driver. As an alternative, you may use a portable screwdriver with appropriate bits.
Can the furniture be immediately assembled at my site?
Yes it can. Such service needs to be negotiated with the manager; otherwise, it may be refused.
Is it possible to install bench seats and litter bins in a park?
Yes, it is possible. Such service is to be discussed with the manager, otherwise it may not be provided.
How bench seats/litter bins may be fixed to prevent theft?
They may be bolted to the base or embedded in concrete. You may buy a cast-iron bench seat of 300 kg in weight and may be sure that it will not be stolen.
Which colors and dimensions are available?
You may find varieties of colors in the «Colors available» heading.
The standard size of bench seats is not suitable for me. May I order a product of non-standard dimensions?
Yes, you may. The price will be based on the price of a product which has the size next to your dimensions.
I do not like the colors you offer. May I propose a color to my option?
Yes, you may. The price of such product you may discuss with a manager. There is one more approach: we may sell you an unpainted product and you will paint it yourself using the color you like.
Is it possible to get the same with "pearl buttons" added?
Yes, but it depends! Sometimes the buttons may not be fitted.
Which wood is used and which coating is applied on wood beams?
For manufacture we use coniferous varieties of wood which are treated with an impregnating compounds and coated with 2 layers of yacht varnish.
Which is the size of beams used in manufacture of bench seats?
We use the best beam dimensions which ensure product strength required and retain design and outward appearance. Beam dimensions are 30 x 60.
If my wood beam is broken, what shall I do?
Call us and you will get it replaced.
Which are dimensions of the metal shapes used in manufacture of steel bench seats?
We use varieties of rolled metal products including tubes, sections, angles, and flat bars. Type and size of metal elements vary between models of products.
What is the coating of metal parts of the seat?
Metal parts of a bench seat are coated with special air-resistant varnish and paint materials. The articles are coated by spraying with subsequent thermal drying in special drying cabinets.
What kind of discounts do you offer to your customers?
The sum of discount is specified in the description of the item and it depends on the quantity of goods you intend to buy. The discounts are offered to all pensioners, veterans, large families and pretty young women.
Do you practice promotions or bargain sales and when?
Yes. Normally we do this through sales of model samples at our outlet. Also, we can offer some season discounts. Keep track of current goods catalogue and possible sale out on our website.
How can we order the seat via a website?
Just click and select the required item. Below the picture you will see a «basket” button. Press this button, choose the required quantity of goods and then fill a mandatory form with your name, contact phone and so on. Specify the color of the seat and provide other information, for example, how we can reach you by car, with your GPS coordinates.
How is the seat packed?
The parts of the seat are packed in a cardboard or air foamy wrapper material.  
What should I do if I bought the seat during winter, fixed it during summer and later revealed some defects?
Just call us and tell your purchase number, and we will replace a defective part of your seat.
What is the service life of the bench seat?
The service life of correctly used and maintained items may reach 25 years.
What is the warranty period for your product?
The warranty period is six months as defined by legislation of the Russian Federation.
How long can the bench seat last without repair or how often should the coating of seats/ tables/bins be renewed?
It depends on location and conditions of use of the seat. The seat will last considerably more if placed in a garden of a private house and removed or covered during the winter, versus a seat near entrance to the underground or in a public park. The average life of correctly used bench seat is not less than three years. Meanwhile, what you really need to do in order to give it an original appearance is just to paint or replace wooden blocks and refresh the coating of supports. These simple measures will save your money and will not require buying new bench seats. In this respect, our products are very practical in use compared to imported items.  
How should a bench seat be cared for?
A shelter will be an ideal place for accommodating and protecting a bench seat from direct sunlight and rain. It will make your rest more comfortable, sitting on a dry seat. If a bench seat is not sheltered and left uncovered during wintertime, we recommend to refresh paint coating once in one or two years.
Where can we see and try your seats?
You can find the relevant information in Contacts on our website. If you did not find any potential partner in the list of cities, just make a call to our manager or send us your email and we try to help you.  
Do you fix lamp posts, barriers or fences?
No, we do not. Our business is limited only to manufacture of these structures, since this is a specific business of specialized construction companies. We might know those who do this job better. Just call us and we try to suggest someone.
What is a seating capacity of the bench seat?
To feel (sit) in comfort, one person needs a 60 cm space.
What is a maximum permissible load on the bench seat?
The load depends on a particular model, to illustrate; an ordinary seat is less strong compared to a cast iron bench seat. At large we may say that our bench seats are capable of carrying an estimated number of people. It means that a bench seat designed for two persons will bear two of them irrespective of their weight.
Do you have dealers network in my region?
Normally, our dealers are operating in all federal centers of Russia. If you fail to find one in your area, just call us and become our business partner.  
Is it possible to store bench seats outdoors during wintertime?
Sure. It will be enough to cover a bench seat with a piece of plastic if you are not going to sit on it.
Which models of bench seats are most popular?
Our top selling models are marked with a special “Hit of Sales” label. In fact, all articles sell pretty well. We discontinue manufacture of the models which sell badly.