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Variety of colors

Dear Customers,

For production of garden and park furniture we use cast iron and steel base structures.

  • We protectcast iron and steelproducts against corrosion through use of powder painting. This method is noted for corrosion-proof and physical and mechanical stability. Colors are customized using the RAL catalog. The legs of bench seat are coated with patina, a method also known as bronzing or greening.

    16.jpeg Bronze patination is the result of bronze oxidation

    17.jpeg Copper patina (greening) is the result of copper oxidation

    In manufacture of our products we make use of special techniques of toning and wood protection using paints.

    We use two wood treatment and painting processes.

  • Set of colors No. 1

    Fire and biological protection compounds. Toning using special paints. A few layers of a high-quality (semi-opaque) varnish which withstand sudden temperature drops, abrasion and exposure to weak alkaline solutions. The product is suitable for use in all seasonal weather conditions.


  • Set of colors No. 2 - Extra Depending on the model, price is raised for application of the extra " set of colors". Contact your manager for details on addition to price of particular models.


    Please note that the colors of a finished product may objectively differ from the colors you chose based on pictures. 1) Your display may distort colors on pictures posted in websites. 2) A wood may have different tones, which may slightly change the product color on painting as we use transparent tinted compounds to underline the wood structure.

    We hope for your understanding as far as this point is concerned...

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