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Gracious aid to the socially relevant organizations

"Hobbyka" is a manufacturer of park and garden furniture and equipment for municipal improvement. 

Back in 2002 we slowly started our operations and now we are the leading manufacturer of the equipment for the improvement of the cities and parks of Russia. Year after year by growing the manufacturing volume we develop the product line and produce new categories of products popular on the improvement market. The quality of our products is one of the best on the market, and our customers value that: we have no single sales, our every customer becomes a regular. 

During the time we’ve been working in the improvement area we’ve acquired the reputation of a reliable and stably developing company. More and more often we are asked for expert advice on various improvement issues. Our experience is determined by not only the Russian reality, but also international practices in this area. We try to form in our customers a contemporary outlook at the park furniture and small architectural forms.

All these aspects make our company socially active, we participate in many improvement-related projects all over Russia.

We would like to mark the next stage of our development with an active participation in the social life by providing gratuitous aid to socially relevant organizations, such as,  orphanages, charity, non-commercial organizations, etc.

Starting with May 20, 2013 once a month we’ll be choosing an organization from those, which applied for a donation. Upon which we’ll conduct the improvement of the surrounding area of the facility. The donation size is evaluated individually.

Those willing to participate in the program are required to:

  • Make several pictures of the surrounding area of your facility.
  • Say a couple of words about your facility.
  • Describe a desired donation size (name and number of the products)
  • On behalf of the facility head file an application for an improvement aid. The applications are accepted by e-mail zakaz@hobbyka.ru. Your application shall include the facility status, location and necessary equipment from our product line. Free-form applications are accepted. Important: in the "subject line" put "Application for donation".
  • Upon sending us an e-mail zakaz@hobbyka.ru, call the following number to make sure we received it: 8 (925) 090-95-91.
  • If you have any questions please call: 8 (925) 090-95-91

When choosing a facility the preference will be given to:

  • The main choice criterion is  the social relevance of the organization

  • Non-commercial activity or a budget facility
  • Schools
  • Kinder gardens
  • Orphanages
  • Shelters 
  • State hospitals and rehabilitation centers
  • Maternity clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical centers

The decision on providing the aid is made on a monthly basis. Among the received for that month applications we choose those, , which in our opinion, require help the most If a favorable decision is made we conclude a contract for the gratuitous aid. All expenses related to the manufacture, delivery and installation of our products are on us.

If you are related to such organizations, we kindly ask you to give this information to your organization head. And maybe your facility will become our partner this month. 

Help us to spread the information on the donations in the social networks!

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