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Fact sheet: What is the capacity of a bench seat based on size?

The capacity of benches for comfortable accommodation of users is a question frequently asked by our customers ". In FAQ section of the article "FAQ - (questions and answers)" you can find clarification: " One person needs 60 cm of space for comfortable accommodation (sitting)." We have relied on our buyers’ opinion when estimating the size and sitting capacity of bench seats. To show accommodation, our article contains illustrative options.

Before we proceed to discussing the size and seating capacity please not that some products do not exceed 3 meters in length. Some of them have a length limited to 1.8 meter. Otherwise a bench seat should be fitted with a central support. In some models this option is not provided for.

Some models of bench seats can be 3 and more meters long. The price of such products shall be estimated on an individual basis. To date, our longest bench seat extends over 100 meters and it is located in Moscow’s Gorky park.

The essential part of products are 0.6 to 3 meters long. You can find a detailed description and relevant size information in the catalogue of products.

Standard dimensions and capacity of bench seats:

*Please note this table is intended for reference only, therefore the seating capacity may vary according to bodily constitution of people. In order to accommodate more people you may use bench seats without armrests.

Lounge 0.6 meters long . Completed with two side support. Capacity - one person.

0.6 meters

1.2 meters long . The bench seat is completed with two side supports for accommodating 2 persons of average bodily constitution. We recommend this size for benches and banquettes without armrests.

1-2 meters

1.5 meters long. Completed with two side supports. Comfortable for sitting of 2 persons with an extra space for a child and hand luggage. Very popular for use at dacha and garden.

1-5 meters

1.8 meters long. Completed with two side supports and can accommodate 3 persons. Most popular size for public places with low traffic and private gardens.

1-8 meters

2.0 meters long. Completed with two side and one central support. If necessary, we can make a bench seat 2-meter long without a central support, resting on two side supports (for bench seats without armrests only). These models are much cheaper (for details please contact your manager). A bench seat of this size fits well for comfortable accommodation of 3 persons plus a child and hand luggage. As an option, the bench without armrests can accommodate 4 persons of average bodily constitution.

2.0 meters

Bench seat 2.5-meter long. Completed with two side supports and one central support. Designed for accommodating 4 persons. Well suited for popular public places.

2.5 meters

Bench seat 3.0 meters long. Completed with two side supports and one central support. Designed for accommodating 5 persons. The most popular size for use in the parks and other public places of thick traffic.

3.0 meters

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