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Birch and its use in garden furniture

Wood is one of the most ancient construction and finishing materials used by man. Wood is widely used not only due to the processing ease or high engineering factors, but also due to the decorative surface texture. Depending on the species of wood and requirements for the manufactured item, sapwood (the outer part of a tree trunk) and the core (the central part) are used at work. Generally, they have different color and mechanical characteristics.

Wood is also used as construction material that can easily be cut and joined together and as finish in interior construction works, as the polished wooden surface has beautiful texture. In addition, many people use wood because wood is clean and eco-friendly material unlike artificial materials. 

In practice different species of wood are used depending on the work performed. Softwood – pine, spruce, larch are of the widest use in the area of construction. Due to large amounts of tarry substances contained in softwood, it is less affected by atmospheric precipitation and sun rays. However, tarry of such wood often prevents from using it in a set of works.

In the construction of baths or sauna interiors and making of shelves, the wood tar released at high temperatures makes visiting sauna difficult. The situation is same when choosing wood for manufacturing benches for parks and gardens. Imagine you want to have a rest on the bench and due to hot weather the tar releases and mucks your clothes. For sure this will spoil your cheerful mind and the rest.

It should also be noted that decorativeness and presentability of hardwood is much higher than that of softwood. The items manufactured of birch are not only more beautiful, but also nicer to the touch, that quite often is very important. That is why a lot of companies manufacturing benches for parks and gardens use hardwood for their products. 

Some species of wood (birch, aspen) consist of only one sapwood that delivers nutritional substances and water to the top of the tree. After drying the wood becomes harder and less exposed to insects and fungi. Moreover, before use in work the wood is treated with various compositions that extend its service life.

We treat wood for manufacturing benches for parks and gardens using various compositions. Firstly, the wood is treated with preservatives that make it unattractive for different insects eating wood or living in wood. Secondly, the wood is treated with fire-retardants that not only resist flame, but also prevent fire from spreading. At high temperatures fire-retardants with which the wood is treated release ammonia that prevents fire from spreading.

Once the wood is treated with the compositions extending its service life, it is high time for tinting coating. The coloring of the tinting coating depends largely on the customer’s wish. The customer may choose light as well as dark colors. As soon as the wood is dry after application of the tinting coating, it is covered with several (at least 3) layers of marine-grade varnish that protects wood from atmospheric moisture and ultraviolet. 

Due to such treatment the benches manufactured from birch we offer have mode decorative look, while their technical characteristics are as good as those of softwood. This makes it possible for our customers to have high quality and beautiful products that will delight the eye for a long time.

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