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Integral, the ‘eternal’ outdoor furniture

Integral is the new generation outdoor furniture. 

Hobbyka is launching a serial production of furniture of a new generation with aluminum base and timber made of composite materials. The beauty of such combination of materials is that they are maintenance- and care-free. They only need washing to keep them clean. 

Integral outdoor furniture is maintenance- and care-free for 25 years! 

For reference: Interseasonal maintenance of regular benches costs on average 3,000 rubles per item.
Integral is made only of eternal materials that are not coated with paint or other materials. They do not rust, fade, do not loose durability or visual appeal for the entire useful life.

Exceptional durability, endurance, vandal-proofness!

For reference: The owner spends approximately 2,000 rubles for repairs of benches, used in public places, damaged by vandal activities.
Integral benches are made of the most durable materials. Aluminum is an aircraft material, extremely durable and convenient for production of outdoor equipment. The composite, in comparison with other types of wood, have exclusive vandal-proof properties.


Aluminum and composite are the materials used to make Integral, the ‘eternal furniture’, do not need to be coated with paint. They really are not coated with anything and do not exude harmful substances.

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Street bench Quarter integral

The Quarter aluminum bench is Hobbyka's special offer of which supports comprise ornamental aluminum castings. The model's features include cast rounded armrests and hidden attachment of wooden slats to the aluminum base.

♺ Materials: aluminum and composite
→ Length: from 0.6 to 3.0 meters
↑ Height: 76 сm.
↔ Width: 66 сm.
↓ Weight: from ? кг.

Nightingale street aluminum bench integral

This is a unique bench fabricated according to pictures of XIX century. It is made of aluminum only, which makes it possible to achieve excellent quality in casting of artistic details of the supports. The bench has a sufficient safety margin to intensively use it in public places. Picturesque unique artwork of the bench makes it advisable for mounting in both dacha sites and rest areas in museums or classic theatre.

♺ Materials: aluminum and composite
→ Length: from 0.6 to 3.0 meters
↑ Height: 76 сm.
↔ Width: 66 сm.
↓ Weight: from ? кг.