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Advertising benches and trashcans

The combination of pleasant and beneficial is always a reason for happiness: and advertising on benches is a good example of it. It is like ‘killing two birds with one stone’: improvement of the territory and help to develop commercial business. Evolution of this business segment gave rise to new ideas in the decoration of the territory. Nowadays, we can see advertising board everywhere, but benches and trashcans with a built-in advertisement is a rather innovative way to attract public attention.

Nowadays, benches and trashcans with some sort of advertisement are installed almost everywhere. As a rule, you can find them in places with the highest traffic of people, central places in the city: in the streets, bus and tram stops, in city parks and backyards of the residential buildings, in the malls and other places.

Our company understands the value of advertisement on the architectural objects and is ready to render services on placing outside advertisement on benches and trashcans. The manufacturing of the installation, advertisement layouts and their installation in a designated place are the solutions we are ready to implement with quality assurance.
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VELO-4 4-rack bicycle parking station

This is a classic-style low-cost bicycle parking station that may be mounted on solid and loose ground by casting in wet concrete. The feature of the station is provision of maximum possible parking space with minimum production cost of the facility. This version comprises a space-saving station for parks, house yards, and school or store buildings.

♺Materials: steel
↓ Number of racks: 4
→ Length: 185 cm.
↔ Width: 62 cm.
↑ Height: 76 cm.

Square advertising litter bin

The Square advertising litter bin is made of steel while the ad vehicle is manufactured from shock-proof PVC plastic. Such bin may both guarantee cleanliness and display necessary information, ads of the brand or services.

♺Materials: steel and PVC
V Capacity: 30 L.
→  Depth: 41 см.
↔ Width:  41 cm.
↑ Height:  57 cm.
↓ Weight: from 20 kg.

Elegant advertising litter bin

The Elegant advertising litter bin has been designed to provide cleanliness and coziness. It embodies an excellent combination of steel and wood. The bin is fitted with an advertising vehicle made of shock-proof PVC plastic. The bin can decorate parks and mini-parks and provides a suitable manner to display ads of the brand or services.

♺Materials: steel, wood and PVC
V Capacity: 30 L.
→  Depth: 41 cm.
↔ Width: 31 cm.
↑ Height: 57 cm.
↓ Weight: from 20 kg.

Boulevard ad bench

The Boulevard advertising bench can be called a bestseller. This is one of Hobbyka's earliest models. Smooth curves of the supports and ergonomic wooden part make it attractive for mounting in nearly any exterior.

♺Materials: steel, wood and PVC
≡ Ad banner: 150 x 50 mm.
→ Length: 1.5 meter
↑ Height: 84 cm.
↔ Width: 75 cm.
↓ Weight: from 25 kg.

Olympus ad bench

«Olympus« is a high-quality ad bench made of strong steel and wood. The advertising vehicle is manufactured from shock-proof PVC plastic. Such benches may decorate any venue, while the ad banner will display necessary information to visitors.

♺Materials: steel, wood and PVC
≡ Ad banner: 150 x 50 mm.
→ Length: 1.5 meter
↑ Height: 97 cm.
↔ Width: 67 cm.
↓ Weight: from 29 kg.