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Park and street furniture

Cities become famous oftentimes thanks to specifics of their development. Unusual tourist attractions, cozy atmosphere, masterpieces of small architecture always attract the attention of the guests, and make the residents truly proud.

Of course, the concern about the public safety, protection of environment and distinctive household may sometimes have a conflict of interest with cost efficiency, but there is a saying ‘there's no law against living the good life’, and everybody wants to live like that indeed! That is why the goals of our company have the desires of many people at heart.

We produce park, street furniture and city equipment exclusively of domestic, high quality feedstock, which makes our products generally affordable. Our product range consists of comfortable, exquisite benches, capacious trashcans, fences, light posts, flower beds, flower pots and other outdoor equipment. However, we do not claim to be artists, but we can proudly say that our products meet their main purpose requirements. Now we have a vast experience in production of park, street and garden furniture, and you can surely see our products almost in every city of our huge country.