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Components and expendables

The most frequently used items of outdoor furniture and equipment are benches, tables, trash cans, flower beds etc. should always look good, as there are designed to bring esthetics and comfort in our lives. That means, that benches and other similar items for public use, should be regularly maintained, because there are affected by various environmental conditions and intense use.

Sun and wind, despite the modern coatings used for the installations, still impact different wooden and metal elements over time. Environmental exposure can cause the varnish to crack and the metal parts to rust. Please, note that even items made of ‘eternal’ cast-iron require preventive care.

Components and expendables, such as varnish for the wood, tinting fluids, paint, fittings help to maintain the benches and other park and garden furniture in good order. In any case, it is better to maintain them in good shape then consistently purchase new ones.
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Aerosol paint container

BOSNY acrylic aerosol paints are versatile and can be applied both outdoors and indoors. They are resistant to atmospheric effects and discoloring and do not turn yellowish with time. Due to their unique properties these paints reliably protect surfaces against oxidation and rust and are suited for both full and partial application onto surfaces. The advantage of acrylic paints comprises absence of lead and mercury in their composition

Wood tinting


wood protection : 
from bio-infection (rotting, mildew)
against UV radiation
against atmospheric effect
wood decorative finish

Yacht varnish for wood


wood protection (any vertical and horizontal surfaces including wood members in sea-going and river-going vessels located above the waterline):
against mechanical damage
against atmospheric effect
against UV radiation
wood decorative finish