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Lease of outdoor benches and tables

Lease of benches is nowadays a high-demand service. As a rule, benches for lease are required for shooting a movie or TV series, for hosting different events, receptions, exhibitions. In such cases it does not make sense to buy benches for several days just to throw them away or get rid of them in any other way in a couple of days. 

We offer bench leasing on beneficial terms.
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Lease Park Still bench

Park cast-iron bench is one of the most popular models in the line of our products. You are likely to have seen people resting on such bench more than once, or perhaps you have had a rest on it. The bench may be found nearly in all Russian cities. Due to monumental properties the bench became popular in many urban parks.

♺ Materials: cast-iron and larch wood
→ Length: 1.8 meters
↑ Height: 80 см.
↔ Width: 70 см.
↓ Weight: from 150 kg.

Lease of ‘Elegant’ trash cans

When fitting out the territory with wooden garden furniture it is important to keep the composition in one style. The trashcan may be tinted to the color of the garden furniture. It will be an excellent addition and final touch to your plot in the countryside or the municipal territory. For convenience, the trashcan is equipped with a removable bucket for garbage.

♺ Materials: Steel and wood
V Capacity: 30 L.
→ Depth: 31 сm.
↔ Width: 31 сm.
↑ Height: 57 сm.
↓ Weight: from 20 kg.

Lease bicycle parking station"Velo-3" 7 places

The station is suitable for performing parking functions. This space-saving and attractive product is designed for proper, convenient and safe keeping of bikes.

♺ Materials: steel
↓ Number of racks: 7
→ Length: 260 cm.
↔ Width: 60 cm.
↑ Height: 14 cm.

Lease Quadro park flower pot

The Quadro flower pot is suitable for decoration of large and small sites, area in close vicinity of a monument or garden territory. The planter is intended for planting flowers, shrubs, decorative small-size trees or artificial plants. The planter has no inner tub; therefore, plants are grown in individual pots or containers.

♺ Materials: steel and wood
→ Length: 50,5 cm.
↔ Width: 50,5 cm.
↑ Height: 62 cm.
↓ Weight: from 33 kg.

Lease Elegant sofa

Despite its simplicity, it is as durable, safe and comfortable as its older fellows are. Optional elements of the bench fixture allows for its safe use at an unsecured location.

♺ Materials: steel and wood
→ Length: 1.8 meters
↑ Height: 45 cm.
↔ Width: 45 cm.
↓ Weight: from 10 kg.

Lease bench Elegant without armrests

The Elegant bench will be the right solution for arrangement of the refectory area or an outdoor recreation area, thanks to the possibility to select furniture in one style.

♺ Materials: steel and wood
→ Length: 0.6 to 3.0 meters
↑ Height: 82 cm.
↔ Width: 63 cm.
↓ Weight: from 24 kg.

Lease Elegant table

The Elegant dacha table is light and strong and is suitable for small-size sites, gazebo or terrace. It may be used as a refectory table for the family. You may add benches and get marvellous dacha furniture set.

♺ Materials: steel and wood
→ Length: 1.5m
↑ Height: 72 cm.
↔ Width: 73 cm.
↓ Weight: from 24 kg.