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About Hobbyka

Hobbyka is the manufacturer of all-weather equipment and architectural accessories for development of cities and parks

About the company

The history of the company started in 2000, when a company - importing European goods and architectural accessories for park and city development was founded. Over some time we expanded our business from pure import from Europe to production of minor parts in our small at the time production facility. Until 2008 we combined import of the equipment and own production making orders pertaining to development of the territory.

In 2008 we stopped importing at all and directed all our resources into expanding the production capacities, and into creating team of professionals devoted to production and sale of garden and park equipment and architectural accessories.

Nowadays, we are the leaders among the manufacturers of park and garden furniture and equipment for development of cities and parks in Russia.

Since opening Hobbyka plant have been experimenting with materials used in production, introducing new technologies in production processes, upgrading the products with account for modern requirements to quality, design and safety of operation of architectural accessories and park and garden equipment. In 2014 we started using two new materials in our mass production, completely new on the Russian market – aluminum and composite materials. Now we are offering our partners benches with aluminum legs, with seat and back made either of wood, or of composite materials.

The range of architectural accessories and park and garden furniture produced by us:

   •  Benches with aluminum legs 

   •  Benches with cast-iron legs

   •  Benches with steel legs
   •  Benches made of composite materials
   •  Park lamps made of steel and cast-iron
   •  Steel, cast-iron, aluminum and wooden trash cans
   •  Flower beds and flower pots
   •  Bicycle parking rack
   •  Parking bollards and pedestrian posts
   •  Street signs, stands and sign boards
   •  countryside and garden tables, chairs and grills
   •  Swing-sets and exercise machines

Our product range offers equipment both for public and personal use. Our equipment may be used all year around under any weather conditions thanks to its vandal-proof properties and high quality.

Your rational choice!

People choose us because of*

our competitive advantages  

⇒ We offer full scope of services from delivery to installation and mounting of architectural accessories

⇒ Flexible partnership conditions

⇒ After-sales service of architectural accessories

⇒ Representative offices in the Russian Federation regions

⇒ Direct participation in tenders and government procurement

⇒ Delivery of products Russia-wide and abroad

⇒ The product is certified

⇒ High quality product

⇒ Fastest delivery

⇒ Professional Hobbyka team

*according to the survey of partners and buyers of Hobbyka for 2013

⇒ Own casting facility  (с 2011 г)

⇒ Own wood work facility (с 2014 г)

⇒ Own design bureau  and modeling shop

⇒ Full production cycle  from idea to design - from feedstock to product

⇒ Wide scope of materials  used in production 

⇒ Immense assortment, that will leave everybody satisfied

⇒ Own service center and customer support architectural accessories (since 2014)

The key to our success is transparent and trustworthy relations with partners.  

We have been building strong ties with our regular partners for over 10 years now, which is a guaranteed partnership for many years. We are now proud to have good partnership relations with major Russian companies, international companies, state corporations and institutions. Regardless of the scale and authority of the partner we build our relations with long-term prospects. 

There are several factors of successful development of Hobbyka, they include such internal factors as: the team, modern approach, high quality and high-demand products ..., but there are some external factors as well, such as partners, who have been with us from the very foundation of our company, and are still partners in related market sectors, whose services our company used under the outsourcing conditions. We grow together with our partners!

You can easily become Hobbyka’s partner and develop together with us. How do you do it?